Tips to Avoid a Costly Winter Plumbing Leaks

Winter is a great time of year to get your drains cleaned out, but if you haven’t already, now is the time to start. Winter is a time of year when pipes become clogged with a build-up of sludge and other debris, making it easier for leaks to occur. This can lead to a costly and inconvenient plumbing problem, and if you haven’t done it yet, now is the time to start on your drains. Winter is here, which means there is a lot of plumbing work for Kamloops plumbers to be done in preparation for winter. This guide will help you avoid costly winter plumbing leaks and winterize your pipes.

• Fix the leaks now

Winter is almost upon us, and with it comes the dreaded plumbing leaks. Once the water gets cold, every home can be subject to a burst pipe. Even those with the best of intentions and best of plumbing can spill water, which can be disastrous in a home full of kids and pets. Winter is notorious for being a time when homeowners experience plumbing leaks. This is usually due to a buildup of moisture inside pipes caused by freezing temperatures. To prevent leaks this winter, it can help to winterize your home pipes before the temperatures drop and freeze.

• Protect your pipes from freezing

Winter is notorious for being a time when homeowners experience plumbing leaks. This is usually due to a buildup of moisture inside pipes caused by freezing temperatures. To prevent leaks this winter, it can help to winterize your home pipes before the temperatures drop and freeze.  Check out for tips and tricks.

The coldest winter months are always the most difficult for homeowners, especially those who rely on their homes for their livelihood, so keeping pipes (especially those Read More...

Different Types of Trees in Vancouver

Vancouver is known for having almost over 50 different types of trees. Here are our top 5 trees that we recommend for you to see if you plan to visit Vancouver, especially their wilderness:

1)    Yellow Cedar

It is also known as Nootka False-cypress for it is believed to be a False Cypress instead of a Cedar. West of the Coast Mountains is where it can be found, growing in mountains in Southern BC, and extending to sea level on the northern coast. It grows in small groups and can reach a height of 24 meters. It likes deep and moist soils and grows there more efficiently. Yellow Cedar has a very interesting appearance. Its leaves appear as a dark, bluish-green. It is very slender and has a scale-like structure. Its wood has a pale-yellow color. It is hard and can do well in resisting decay, also has a distinctive fragrance. It can be very useful especially when it comes to modern boat building and for making other stuff like paddles and dishes. You can contact Tree service Vancouver if you want to learn more.

2)    Vine Maple

It appears as a small tree or shrub that grows into a dense thicket. It is a warped trunk not too long that can grow in a horizontal way, though not all the time, and may root where it touches the ground. It also has to spread limbs that are quite twisted in a way. In Southwestern British Columbia is where it usually grows, low to mid elevations. It commonly likes wet sites, maybe somewhere along the river on a shade or open area. It has a beautiful but small flower, normally reddish or purple that grows one fruit each. Vine Maple has a unique appearance. Its woods are hard and flexible, … Read More...

Top 5 Things To Do in Okanagan

Okanagan is known for its 4-season playground ready to suit whatever it is on your mind. With the known places in this area, you will probably never get bored. If you are looking for some places to visit, we have listed five activities that you may want to try over the weekend.

With so many activity ideas to do around Okanagan, you will never run out of some adventurous getaway even for a short while. Activities in Okanagan can be for all whether you are with your family, lover, friends, or alone, there places that will surely fit your mood. Let us go down to the five things you can do in your free time.

Visit A Historic Ranch
Okanagan is known for its historical heritage, a place rich in memories and cherished historic past. There are several museums around the city to relive the past, or to remember the roots of each of the communities.

O’Keefe Ranch is one for the books to visit when you feel like going to past. Let’s go back to the past for a while and learn the history of the region. This ranch will bring you to British Columbia’s ranching history during the 60s. There are also special events during summer and a dinner show which requires pre-booking. This ranch is also known for its annual cowboy festival and event featuring ranch horse competitions.

Visiting Davison Orchards Country Village
Best destination for the whole family, if you love to farm and food, Davison Orchards can offer both an adventurous farm tour while learning about crops and fields. Kids will definitely love it at Crazy Cow Kids Corral and there is enough space for them to roam and run around. There are also friendly farm animals to play with. Prepare your appetite for a … Read More...

Popular Places To Visit

New around Okanagan? Looking for some of the best places to never miss on your vacation-adventure tour? Right, that is why you are here and reading this helpful article. Today, let us talk about some of the most visited and must-see locations in Okanagan and Kelowna. These places can be visited whether you are alone, with family, friends, or lover. Be sure to do your extra research as you read along the list below. Prepare your to-bring-list and pack your baggage according to your chosen trip. Shall we start?

Lake Okanagan
Sparkling, crystal clear waters, relaxing sound of the wind and waters, lush green and vibrant patch of flowers around you, you could never ask for more. Lake Okanagan is quite popular with neighboring communities such as Vernon, Kelowna, and Penticton. The lake offers activities such as boating, swimming, beaches and you can walk along the scenic shoreline of Lake Okanagan.

Bring your beach blanket, a basket of food and wine, a pillow, and some tools for more fun, relax and unwind when you visit the lake with your family or friends.

Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park
This place is widely known among cyclists and hikers. The passages in Myra Canyon brings you to over 18 trestles with an overview to the two tunnels. This is an ideal destination if you love biking and hiking. Also, perfect for those who just want to stroll around and explore the place.

SS Sicamous Okanagan Heritage Museum
Located at Penticton waterfront, this place has been restored and revamped to its 1914 looks and beauty. Penticton also boasts of pure sandy beaches and marinas. You can also get a hint of fruits and tourism in the area.

BC Orchard Industry Museum
Best for those who love agriculture and history, BC Orchard Industry Museum is perfect for … Read More...

Wine Tour At Okanagan Valley

As they may say it, Okanagan is rich with its natural resources and scenic landscape making it a popular visit to tourist, which also make the visitors stay in Okanagan for good, who would not want it? Fine food, fresh veggies, traffic-free streets, clear from pollution, small-town vibes, a simple living – everyone sure wishes for that kind of community.

One of the most visited places in Okanagan is its winery and orchard site. In the previous years, the development and growth of wine in the Okanagan has been evident. In the past twenty years, there were only 31 wineries in the region whereas today, there is now 130. Okanagan Valley is majorly composed of the 135km-long Okanagan Lake, running from Vernon to the semi-desert region of Osoyoos.

Okanagan Valley is also a popular spot for Vancouverites who would like to escape the cold season and just enjoy and relax through sailing, boating, or kayaking. There are numerous winery sites to visit such as the Mission Hill and Quails’ Gate which has bee developed by the tech industry.

Mission Hill has a Tuscan farmhouse look that can offer you both farm tour and wine tasting. You can tour around the vineyards which a glass of sparkling naturally fermented blueberries picked directly out of the bush.

Other than wine tasting, you can also get a glimpse of the winery known as the Okanagan Crush Pad which presents a creative tulip and egg-shaped tanks to connote the freshness and no-preservative added chemicals to their crops.

There are many other areas to visit in Okanagan aside from visiting orchards and wine tasting. You can also explore their hotels and restaurants to choose from when you decide to visit Okanagan Valley. Prepare and plan out your budget and time to maximize the trip and … Read More...