If you are planning to visit Okanagan or has finally decided to move to a new community, it is first best to do a little extra research about the chosen community through the official websites below. We believe that the links below will greatly help your knowledge and decision making when you are considering Central Okanagan as one of your main choices. Feel free to explore the links below or even ask a friend in the location to give you a tour if possible. The best way to learn about the city is to go there yourself and explore the location.

KCR – Community Resources
KCR is a multi-service agency, existing since 1983, can offer assistance or programs and projects which includes community services, employment, services, family and adoption services, family & adoption services, and immigrant services.

The City of Kelowna 
Everything you need to know about Kelowna – news, community updates, city services, parks & recreation, city hall, business services, homes & building. We suggest visiting this site if you are planning to move to Kelowna.

Lake Country 
Looking forward to living in Lake Country? Check out their official site to learn more about their community, city services, events, education & schools, arts, culture & heritage, healthcare and wellness, properties, and every essential information you need to know.

Okanagan Regional Library
Not ready yet to pay Okanagan the visit before moving in or touring? Check out this widely used e-library open for everyone. Learn more about what they read, their history, and more.

Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission
Ready to take the big step in your life and move in Okanagan? This website will help you with your decision by reading through their content: information for young professionals, market development, and local business development.

If you still want to learn more about Okanagan, we are quite sure that more information is readily available for you on any search engine, with the right keywords, you can definitely find and learn what you are looking for. You can also contact us for more details.