Living in OK

Okanagan offers three major geographic regions. The Central Okanagan is popularly known for its commercial and transportation hub. Kelowna gives a stylish urban appeal. Peachland, Lake Country, and the West Kelowna, meanwhile, offers more of small-town vibes. On the other hand, North Okanagan is quite distinctive from its neighboring southern communities, this area offers cattle ranching and agricultural foundations. Going to the South Okanagan, you will experience a rare Canadian ecosystem and a relaxed and peaceful living. Going further beyond the Valley to the north lies the Shuswap region where agriculture, homegrown arts, and outdoor recreation can be found.

Three describing phrases to match Kelowna: High-power, high-tech, and high-rise. Kelowna with a population over 121,000 is expected for continued urban amenities development and growth. If you are more of a city person, you will probably enjoy in this city. Kelowna is known for its malls, big box stores, quaint shops, and unique boutiques. Many of these are found in downtown Bernard Avenue and Pandosy Village in the Mission district. There are different hi-tech companies who have chosen to settle in Kelowna.

Kelowna is also a home for festive events and their vibrant cultural districts is a highlight you don’t want to miss. Rotary Centre for the Arts is a place to hold artistic and cultural experiences. Roaming around, you will also find museums, art galleries, unique restaurants, ornamental Kasugai Gardens, and 11 intriguing sculptures.

Popularly known for its deep historical roots, the city still maintains and lived with a vibrant growing community. During the 1860’s and ’70s, Vernon was inhabited by gold miners and cattle ranchers. With abundant irrigation water source from nearby rivers and streams, they are considered as the major ranching and orchard center. Through time, the agricultural tradition still continues and evolves. Visiting in Vernon, you would probably want to visit its popular sites such as Davison Orchards and Planet Bee.

The Vernon community cherishes its historic origin and still preserved heritage buildings, museums, ranch historic sites, and a collection of outdoor murals depicting Vernon’s earlier life set-up.

Lake Country
Abundant in orchards, lakes, hillsides, Lake Country will bring you closer to nature. With just over 11,000 people who formed the formerly independent communities of Carr’s Landing, the town is now making an all-new and unique identity of its own.

If you love farming and wine, Lake Country offers orchards, vineyards that fill valley floors. There are three notable lakes in the place, Okanagan, Wood, and Kalamalka.

Municipal in Peachland was incorporated in 1909 and with over 5,000 residents, they are visited by travelers in summer due to its best waterfronts in the Valley.

Peachland is situated between Okanagan Lake and the mountains, what more can you ask? The view is breathtaking and is home for an exquisite winery. The Beach Avenue waterfront is popular among swimmers, boaters, picnickers, and shoppers. If relaxation and unwinding are what you are after, give Peachland a visit.

A place with aboriginal origin and beginnings, Penticton offers scenic slopes and hub for cultural and continuing economic growth. The fact that Penticton has lakes and mountains on each of its sides, the municipality is a home for over 33,000 residents. This community is enough to create amenities and at the same time maintain the small-town feel of the area.

In downtown, you can find various unique shop perfect for those who would love to stroll down the town and find something they could take home. There are various items to eye on at the trendy shops of Colourful Front Street. Meanwhile, the Okanagan Lake is popular for its wide sandy beach and romantic walking paths.