Popular Places To Visit

New around Okanagan? Looking for some of the best places to never miss on your vacation-adventure tour? Right, that is why you are here and reading this helpful article. Today, let us talk about some of the most visited and must-see locations in Okanagan and Kelowna. These places can be visited whether you are alone, with family, friends, or lover. Be sure to do your extra research as you read along the list below. Prepare your to-bring-list and pack your baggage according to your chosen trip. Shall we start?

Lake Okanagan
Sparkling, crystal clear waters, relaxing sound of the wind and waters, lush green and vibrant patch of flowers around you, you could never ask for more. Lake Okanagan is quite popular with neighboring communities such as Vernon, Kelowna, and Penticton. The lake offers activities such as boating, swimming, beaches and you can walk along the scenic shoreline of Lake Okanagan.

Bring your beach blanket, a basket of food and wine, a pillow, and some tools for more fun, relax and unwind when you visit the lake with your family or friends.

Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park
This place is widely known among cyclists and hikers. The passages in Myra Canyon brings you to over 18 trestles with an overview to the two tunnels. This is an ideal destination if you love biking and hiking. Also, perfect for those who just want to stroll around and explore the place.

SS Sicamous Okanagan Heritage Museum
Located at Penticton waterfront, this place has been restored and revamped to its 1914 looks and beauty. Penticton also boasts of pure sandy beaches and marinas. You can also get a hint of fruits and tourism in the area.

BC Orchard Industry Museum
Best for those who love agriculture and history, BC Orchard Industry Museum is perfect for learning and discovery. It tells the story of the Okanagan Valley’s roots and transformation through time. It was once a cattle range and is now made into outstanding orchards that are admired by many. You can also view an exhibit presenting the artifacts and bits of information on packing, processing, fruit picking, and home preserving.

Amid fruit trees, townships in Summerland can be found at the terracing just above Lake Okanagan. With its rich orchard history dating back to the 1890s, people visit the place to testify first-class fruits from the orchards that have been taken care of throughout a long time. Visitors in Summerland enjoys roadside trips to fruit vendors. There are also places to overview the beauty of Okanagan Lake.

If you are planning to pay Okanagan a visit, better yet invite your friends and family and enjoy the authenticity of life and the simplicity of living in the communities above. You can also make your additional research or ask relatives and friends to who live there to accompany you throughout your trip. We suggest booking your stay or planning your itinerary and side trips before going out on an adventure. Enjoy and we will see you there