Top 5 Things To Do in Okanagan

Okanagan is known for its 4-season playground ready to suit whatever it is on your mind. With the known places in this area, you will probably never get bored. If you are looking for some places to visit, we have listed five activities that you may want to try over the weekend.

With so many activity ideas to do around Okanagan, you will never run out of some adventurous getaway even for a short while. Activities in Okanagan can be for all whether you are with your family, lover, friends, or alone, there places that will surely fit your mood. Let us go down to the five things you can do in your free time.

Visit A Historic Ranch
Okanagan is known for its historical heritage, a place rich in memories and cherished historic past. There are several museums around the city to relive the past, or to remember the roots of each of the communities.

O’Keefe Ranch is one for the books to visit when you feel like going to past. Let’s go back to the past for a while and learn the history of the region. This ranch will bring you to British Columbia’s ranching history during the 60s. There are also special events during summer and a dinner show which requires pre-booking. This ranch is also known for its annual cowboy festival and event featuring ranch horse competitions.

Visiting Davison Orchards Country Village
Best destination for the whole family, if you love to farm and food, Davison Orchards can offer both an adventurous farm tour while learning about crops and fields. Kids will definitely love it at Crazy Cow Kids Corral and there is enough space for them to roam and run around. There are also friendly farm animals to play with. Prepare your appetite for a delish snack and meal because you will experience a whole lot of fresh veggies on your plate.

Shuswap River Tubing
If you can’t take the heat this summer, how about going on an amazing river tubing at Shuswap River? Enjoy the cool splash of water and relax while you float around the waters with an amazing view around you. Tubing in Shuswap is a famous attraction during the summer season all you need to bring is an inflatable raft, a life jacket, and lots of sunscreen lotion.

The Caravan Farm Outdoor Play
Love the stars and the movies? If you are both a fan of outdoor activities and a movie junkie, why not try the Caravan Farm Theatre and experience a romantic vide while you watch a movie under the stars with your loved ones. Perfect for all ages who are both looking for something outdoor yet a relaxing activity.

The Caravan Farm is located in Armstrong British Columbia which caters full-length shows during the summer.

Paddling at Echo Lake
Down for a water adventure this summer? Paddling at Echo Lake is a popular activity during the summer season. Known for its clear turquoise waters, many go here for fishing or just a relaxation in the middle of its majestic waters.