Wine Tour At Okanagan Valley

As they may say it, Okanagan is rich with its natural resources and scenic landscape making it a popular visit to tourist, which also make the visitors stay in Okanagan for good, who would not want it? Fine food, fresh veggies, traffic-free streets, clear from pollution, small-town vibes, a simple living – everyone sure wishes for that kind of community.

One of the most visited places in Okanagan is its winery and orchard site. In the previous years, the development and growth of wine in the Okanagan has been evident. In the past twenty years, there were only 31 wineries in the region whereas today, there is now 130. Okanagan Valley is majorly composed of the 135km-long Okanagan Lake, running from Vernon to the semi-desert region of Osoyoos.

Okanagan Valley is also a popular spot for Vancouverites who would like to escape the cold season and just enjoy and relax through sailing, boating, or kayaking. There are numerous winery sites to visit such as the Mission Hill and Quails’ Gate which has bee developed by the tech industry.

Mission Hill has a Tuscan farmhouse look that can offer you both farm tour and wine tasting. You can tour around the vineyards which a glass of sparkling naturally fermented blueberries picked directly out of the bush.

Other than wine tasting, you can also get a glimpse of the winery known as the Okanagan Crush Pad which presents a creative tulip and egg-shaped tanks to connote the freshness and no-preservative added chemicals to their crops.

There are many other areas to visit in Okanagan aside from visiting orchards and wine tasting. You can also explore their hotels and restaurants to choose from when you decide to visit Okanagan Valley. Prepare and plan out your budget and time to maximize the trip and learnings from your adventure. It is best to ask friends and locals to be guided throughout your trip. Sure do, if you get to Okanagan Valley there is a whole lot of touring and explorations to do. We are quite sure that you will experience only the premium food and touring experience in Okanagan Valley. Its surrounding community can also give you the best of agriculture that you can never experience in the busy cities where high-towers are surrounding you.

In Okanagan Valley, you will be surrounded by nature, good food, and a great community. Enjoy your stay and plan ahead of time.